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Australian Pathak

Chitralekhako Chaurasi

Chitralekhako Chaurasi

Nepali Translation from 'Land Where I Flee by Prajwal Parajuly.

From the last outer page:

"Reunion - how comically poignant this word feels! I tease Agastya a tad more than he does about the reunion. During reunions, westerners keep themselves busy – they play games and indulge in alcohol. We neither play nor drink. We sit together and argue. Then, we put on an act that everything is fine."

Book of the Year "Parajuli's writing is delightful with its subtle and clever satire on the language and traditions of a specific community... His writings showcase wit by tenderly poking fun at improper customs..."

The Independent
Best Book of 2015 "...Parajuli effectively presents the story of a specific caste with exquisite artistry... He combines various contexts to produce sweet literature..."

The Kansas City Star
"A novel that portrays social issues with immense skill, very clear and lively..."

Le Monde
"The author skillfully develops the characters. The tension created between the characters keeps the reader hooked and leads them to a satisfying climax. Between these emotions, readers discover a magnificent novel."

Irish Examiner
"... Among the best novels of the year..."

The Hindustan Times
"Fresh and unbound."

The Guardian

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